Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rehomed ...

Today I read a piece hitting the news about a mother who returned her adopted son (and I presume he was legally adopted within the 18 months she and her husband had him).

The mom had five biological daughters, and assumed she'd bond with him the same way as she did when her other children were born.

Quoted by, she said: "I loved him and cared deeply for him. I tried to do the exact same thing I did with my biological children, but over time it became clear that maybe our family wasn't a good match for him ..."


I have little patience for her nonsense.
  • Why in the world would she think she'd "bond" with a little boy abandoned at age 1 in just 18 months? Or that he'd bond with her?
  • Why in the world did she think parenting a little boy would be the same as parenting girls?
  • Why in the world did she believe that her daughters and husband would be on board with her dream?
Granted I have no idea if he was trying to set the house on fire, or regularly hit family members with a hammer. But the article was all about attachment. And her inability to feel it.

Hey, Tedaldi, newsflash: Love is a decision, not an emotion.

Her blathering about, "...desperately wanting to impress an indelible memory of my son on me, and me on him ..." seems disingenuous, to say the least.

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