Friday, August 29, 2008

The 2008 Presidential Election

Since casting my first ballot in what was the failed second bid of Jimmy Carter, I have not been this excited about an upcoming presidential election. A few reasons why:

  • No matter who raises his right hand in January 2009, that individual will make history (i.e., either an African American or someone in his 70s at the time of taking office).
  • Both tickets have an individual from one of the last two admitted U.S. states -- Hawaii and Alaska.
  • An African-American is on a major ticket.
  • A woman is on a major ticket.

Furthermore, I am liking Sarah Palin her more and more. I read Wikipedia’s entry on her, and have no doubt that this moose-hunting, snowmobiling mama can take on Biden. I am, in fact, reminded of Patty Murray’s successful spin on the phrase, “a mom in tennis shoes.”

I can not wait for the debates.

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