Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Out for a Walk

Wimsey stopped traffic again yesterday.

On a beautiful early-autumn day, he and I went for a walk. Now, this is a terrier who's never really enjoyed walking. Or maybe I rarely walk him in places of which he approves. But yesterday, we made our way to the nearby street and began our exploration of the neighborhood. It was one of those kinds of days when a person (and terrier) notices a lot.

Being Labor Day, the traffic was lighter and more pedestrians were out. We crossed the street, and moseyed passed small shops. When we got to the end of the block, I noticed the pizza restaurant was not only closed, but it was gone for good. I always liked that eatery. I, and lots of others, should have no doubt eaten there more...

As Wimsey and I turned the corner, another walker did a double take, noticing the empty shop. Shaking her head, she slowed to talk to me. "The whole area is changing," she sighed. Yep. And on Wims and I walked.

Yesterday he decided he didn't want to go into the local pet-food store. Usually he considers a walk worthwhile if I detour into this one, but not yesterday. He marched on.

When we'd gone about another 200 yards, an SUV rolled to a stop beside us, its passenger rolling down the window. "Is that a Jack Russell?" she asked, smiling. The driver leaned over, as well, as I assured them that Wims is, although not very "typy." The driver looked into his rearview mirror and the cars backing up, the woman waved, and off they went.

Moments later a bent, silver-haired women approached us. "If that dog lived in England, he'd be on the queen's lap" she said, as Wimsey jumped into my arms to get a better view. We spoke for a few minutes, and she told me about playing tag with her dog when she was a child (they'd race through the house, each trying to catch the other). She pet his head and slowly walked away.

Wims and I continued on our way, passing the usual assortment of parents and kids, including parents who point to the "doggie" and toddlers who squeal. Then we crossed the street again, and went home.