Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More on Pets and Katrina

A Slate writer argues that the rescue workers/authorities were right in not taking pets with evacuees or allowing evacuees to have their pets with them in shelters, etc. While he has some good points, I (respectfully) disagree.

A couple ideas: (1) an organization to accompany the rescue workers to specifically take the animals to safety too? (2) have rescue workers bring pet food with them, so if they can't take the animals at least they can leave food and water till another pet-rescuer arrives; (3) remember that animals tend to behave differently when in danger. I've seen several pictures of prey and predators in the same space during forest fires, both trying to stay out of the flames. Grabbing a quick bite to eat wasn't on anyone's mind.

And a question for the Slate writer: Why does your dog pull while on leash? That really doesn't need to happen, and it doesn't take pronged or shock collars to fix it.

Get thee to an obedience class, and read Culture Clash and/or The Other End of the Leash.