Monday, June 20, 2005

Old Enough to Lie

I am now old enough to lie ... about my age. This has evolved from the unbridled truth-telling of childhood (“I’m 6 and a half!”) and the happy truth of the 20s (“Yes, I’m 26 now”) to the cautious 30somethings (“Right, I’m 33”).

I even snickered at other women who’d cringe over their ages, recounting tales of weeping into their birthday cakes. Oh, puleeeeze!!

Then I began clipping coupons for Oil of Olay — and enjoyed hearing someone learned my age and exclaimed, “No, way!” (in a good way). So this year, I decided to begin lying about my age. Not that low-balling 29 or 39 thing, either. I’m taking a hard look in the mirror and knocking off every year I (think I) can get away with.

Will I save up for a face lift someday? Nah. I just want to enjoy the occasional lie while I can get away with it.