Friday, September 02, 2005

"a closer look at"

That same post-event feeling in my stomach -- and frequent googling for news updates -- has followed me since Hurricane Katrina's devastation came to ever-expanding light. The piece that makes me the most angry (and a lot of it makes me angry) is the looting.

In what universe do some of these looters live? How will hauling away a DVD player or flat-screen TV make life better in a landscape littered with decomposing bodies on sidewalks?

Then I also got angry at the bland comments of Henry Fischer, a sociology professor who studies human response to disasters. In a recent newspaper article, he was asked about this type of luxury-item looting. He said, "That's something we as researchers are going to take a closer look at."

Here's a one-word explanation: sin.

Here's an expanded explanation: We are fallen.

Anyone, really anyone, is capable of anything. Some of us (most of us) need to remember we were originally made in the image of God.