Monday, August 31, 2009

The End Is Near, so What's Next?

The New York Times Magazine published "Facebook Exodus," August 26, reporting on how people have been amscraying the social media behemoth. More and more, people are fearing the Big Brotherness of the mega-site, the magazine reports.

To date, I have four email addresses; a Facebook account with 70 friends, some of whom I don't really know; a Twitter account; two blogs (one is my terrier's); a website; and an iPhone. Yet I feel like an online underachiever.

The next generation
I also wonder what my now 9-year-old will be using when she ventures into the teenage years. (I'm giving her my backup laptop, and was feeling like I was lagging behind on this one.
Given the speed of online media, and the propensity of children to NOT copy their parents once they are older than 12, I suspect she won't use any of the online avenues I use. Facebook by then, I wager, will be as dead as; Twitter will have morphed; laptops will be passe; and a future-generation iPhone will be our work computers.
What will the children born in 2000s be doing? Using a yet-to-be seen medium, or rebelling against a world that demands 24/7 contact with anyone and everyone?
I'm hoping for the rebellion.

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