Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Early this year, I decided to read through the Bible. I've read through books (usually New Testament books and the shorter Old Testament ones), but this year I decided to go for broke by reading the whole enchilada--Creation through the Second Coming.

Today is June 14, and I am not quite done with Leviticus. L-e-v-i-t-i-c-u-s. That's book number three out of 66. Oy vey.

It's clear already that each book has its own personality, of sorts. I flew through Genesis, with its terrific accounts of the Garden of Eden, Tower of Babel, and the Ark. Exodus continued biblical page-turning action with a few plagues. Then came Leviticus ...

This book, a meticulous rulebook for the Israelites, reminds me of South Dakota. I drove through South Dakota during one wintery November. It felt like I would never get out. I mentioned that to my dad the other day and he said, "Just wait till you get to Numbers. It's like Kansas ..."