Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I've been thinking about my Parson Russell terrier (aka JRT) a lot today. He turned 10 years old in January, and he just seems to be aging fast.

Between his thyroid issue and his vasculitis, he's slowed way down ... He is also having trouble jumping on the couch -- not to mention jumping into my arms like he did in his younger years (heck, even just last year).
Now part of this, admittedly, may be my own fears. Neither my Westie nor my Scotty lived beyond age 10, both passing away from different things. Zoe, my Scotty, slowed down a lot in her final year, as well. In her case, though, I didn't put everything together until it was too late. (Granted, it would have been too late no matter how early I'd discovered she had cancer.)
So I guess I'll just keep babying the Wee One, and hoping that he lives till he's at least 15.


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