Monday, September 08, 2008

Bellevue Teachers Strike

Tomorrow will be the seventh day of the Bellevue Teachers strike. I now spend a lot of time trying to convince my should-be third grader that the teachers are just trying to take care of their families. In reality, I think they are short-sighted and greedy.

Late last week, The Seattle Times published my letter to the editor:

A little reality check
As the parent of a Bellevue third-grader, I'd like to ask for a show of hands: Who has had a raise this year (or ever) of 8.1 percent? Who can afford to live within 30 minutes of their workplace? Who gets to tell their bosses what materials (in this case, curriculum) they'll use on the job? Hmm, not too many hands are up. Certainly not mine. I will continue to encourage my confused child that everyone is trying hard to work things out, but inside, I am wondering how the teachers' union can be so completely clueless about today's workplace realities.

— Hope McPherson, Bellevue

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