Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ending This Iraqi Thing

Although the Iraqi Study Group Report, media talking heads, and yammering politicians chime in with ways to pull out U.S. troop from Iraq within the next few years, I noted a glaring omission — and it could get troops out within months.

This tested strategy that has already created amazing results at little cost. Used on a national scale, Iraqi children once again will play happily in the streets, markets will bustle, and Iraqi politicians will get some work done. The answer? Clicker training.

Pick a town. Layout the ground rules: If no car bombs or IEDs go off today … CLICK … and every adult in town gets U.S. $1,000. Tomorrow, same thing. CLICK/$1,000. The next day, same thing. CLICK/$1,000.

If a gunman shoots at a passing vehicle? … OOPS ... No one gets moola that day. Next day, no car bombs or IEDs? CLICK … every adult in town gets U.S. $1,000. A roadside IED detonates? … OOPS ...

How long till the citizens have their “Helen Keller moment” and see the cause and effect? Well, my 10-pound terrier went from crazy to heeling on leash within 60 minutes of being introduced to the clicker. He learns new tricks in only days — and he does it for cheese, not cash.

Given that one December report estimates the Iraqi War costs the United States $6.4 billion a month, $1,000 a day to citizens for being good citizens is a bargain.

According to the CIA Factbook, the Iraqi population was estimated at 26,783,383 (July 2006), making a total good deal.

More beauty to this?

Peer pressure. Who in town wouldn’t get in deep doo for inciting havoc that cost their families/friends easy money?

No need to do it indefinitely. As trainers and abusive spouses know, eventually one can make rewards (clicks or kindness) intermittent.

With ever-growing breaks in the mayhem, Iraqi politicians can pass laws; businesses can do business; and U.S. troops can return home.

Easy as positive-reinforcement pie.


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