Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In late July, I wrote about pet peeves. Today, here are a few of my pet pleasures, in no particular order:

A broken-in book (the kind with pages softened from repeated readings).
Brewing coffee (I don't drink it, but its smell ... ahhh).
Clean sheets.
Fresh hay
Finishing an article.
A purring cat.
A dog sleeping on the lap.
A hovering hummingbird.


Blogger Melissag said...

Hmmmm, okay Hope you've commented on a few of my blogs so here goes:
My pet pleasures

Singing in the car, loudly
New books by my favorite authors
A freshly groomed dog
Going to bed (on clean sheets) when you are truly exhausted
Fat bumblebees on Lavendar

9:51 PM  

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