Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Beginning of summer

You know summer is upon us when the last SAT test of the year happens.

For the last two years, I've been a room supervisor for a few different tests -- the SAT, PRAXIS, and an ACE. Every room, I've discovered, has its own personality, whether four or 20 or more testees are holding their #2's over their booklets. And as I'm not allowed to read, write, drink, or eat anything, I have about two hours to watch people think, which is way more intesting than one might expect.

Rooms have their "terrified test taker," their "face pursers," their "eye wonderers," and their "pencil tappers." At least one person drops a pencil or picture ID, and someone gets huffy when he or she (usually a she) finishes early but still can't leave.

Me? I watch the silent drama and thank my lucky stars that I'm not one of the people who's certain my future will depend on the score.


Blogger Jeffrey Overstreet said...

"Little did Hope realize that for two years in a row, 20 or more people had been paid big bucks to observe Hope McPherson doing nothing at all. In order to keep her in the dark about this study, they all posed as test-takers."

4:55 PM  

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